What are workers’ compensation temporary lost wage benefits?

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When employees suffer injuries at work and are unable to do their jobs because of it, they may be eligible for lost wage benefits through workers’ compensation. These benefits help to replace a portion of the wages that employees would have earned if they were able to work.

There are several types of lost wage benefits available under North Carolina workers’ compensation laws. These include two types of temporary disability benefits.

Temporary total disability explained

Temporary total disability benefits are available to workers who are completely unable to work due to their injuries. The workers must have medical evidence that they cannot return to work, even with restrictions or accommodations.

Payments are for 66 2/3% of the worker’s average weekly wages. Under the law, there is a maximum weekly limit for payments, which may change annually and limit the benefit.

Workers can receive these benefits until they are able to return to work or until they reach maximum medical improvement. MMI is the point at which the employee’s condition is unlikely to improve significantly with further medical treatment.

Temporary partial disability definition

Temporary partial disability benefits are available to workers who are back at work but are earning less than prior to their injury because they are not able to work at full capacity. The intention is to make up for lost wages while workers recover and transition back to full employment.

These benefits pay 66 2/3% of the difference between the worker’s pre-injury average weekly wage and their current earnings.

Lost wage benefits do not become available until workers miss seven days on the job. The first seven days remain unpaid unless the employee misses 21 or more days in total.

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