Types Of Workers’ Compensation


Under North Carolina workers’ compensation law, an employee who is injured at work may recover full compensation for medical costs, including long-term rehabilitation and reimbursement for travel to and from medical appointments.

In addition, workers who are unable to work for more than seven days due to their injury may be able to collect a portion of their wages through disability pay. Disability pay is either total or partial and either temporary or permanent. Thus, there are four types of disability compensation that you can receive:

  • Temporary partial disability is paid to workers whose injuries prevent them from performing some aspects of their job, but not all.
  • Temporary total disability is paid to workers whose injuries prevent them from working at all, but only for a period of time while they recuperate.
  • Permanent partial disability is paid to workers when an injury is permanent, but only partially impacts the victim’s ability to perform his or her job.
  • Permanent total disability is paid to workers whose injuries prevent them from performing their job or any similar job.

If a family member dies as a result of injuries sustained in a workplace accident, a surviving spouse and children may be eligible to receive “death benefits.” The family also may collect an allowance for funeral costs.

Maximize The Benefits You Receive

As you can see, employers are required to provide a wide range of benefits to injured workers who qualify to receive them. The big picture can become muddled quickly, however, and many injured individuals leave money on the table as a result.

At Vincent Law Firm, P.C., I have advocated aggressively for injured parties in workers’ compensation matters since 1986. Although many of my clients initially contact me after their initial claim has been denied, it is not unusual for injured individuals to seek legal counsel when first submitting a claim. I will review the facts of your case and ensure that you are requesting all of the benefits you qualify to receive.

Additional decisions may need to be made regarding benefits for disfigurement, loss of a body part or permanent injury to an internal organ, as well as vocational rehabilitation at your employer’s expense. An insurance provider may also offer you a lump-sum settlement at some point during your claim. Accepting a lump-sum settlement may make sense, but many factors need to be analyzed.

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