How Are My SSDI Benefits Calculated?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are calculated similarly to how Social Security retirement benefits are determined. In essence, the amount you receive monthly depends upon how much you have paid in Social Security taxes before you became disabled — an amount known as your “covered earnings.”

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the average monthly SSDI benefit amount in 2014 is $1,148; the highest monthly amount that a person can receive is $2,642. Eligibility is based on a number of factors, including how old you are when you become disabled and the extent of your disability.

Working To Maximize Your Benefits

The formula for calculating SSDI benefits is complex, and there are a number of rules regarding who is eligible. At the Vincent Law Firm, P.C., in Southern Shores, I work to maximize the amount that individuals receive in SSDI benefits. I advocate for residents throughout North Carolina’s Outer Banks, including those in Dare County, Camden County and Currituck County.

It is important to apply for SSDI and SSI benefits as early as possible. It generally takes four to six months to process an initial claim. Appeals can add another six months to a year to that process. Contact me to get help initiating your claim as soon as possible.

You may begin receiving disability benefits once you have been disabled for five months. Payments can continue as long as necessary as long as you remain unable to work. If you earn more than $1,070 per month in 2014, it is unlikely that you will qualify for disability benefits.

Individuals who do not have enough work credits to qualify for SSDI benefits due to a disability that prevents them from working may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. This needs-based program assists disabled individuals of any age.

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