Social Security Disability Insurance


“I have a friend with the same injury, and he received this much in benefits.” At my Southern Shores law firm, people often tell me about stories they have heard from others – about how people with the same injuries received a certain number of benefits and how my clients expect the same amount.

I have to tell them that Social Security Disability benefits are not that straightforward. The benefits you receive depend on many factors, not just your injury. They depend on how much you have paid into the social security system over your lifetime. They also depend on your age, job training, educational background and work history.

People who have more education usually develop transferable skills that allow them to work in other jobs that might be easier on their bodies. Sometimes, they are unable to receive SSD benefits because the Social Security Administration determines that they could do other types of work. The only way to know for sure what benefits you are eligible for is to apply with the help of an experienced lawyer.

Southern Shores Attorney Helping People Get The SSD Benefits They Need

I use extensive experience to represent people who need to file Social Security Disability claims because of physical and mental impairments such as:

  • Back pain, including degenerative disk disease, arthritis and nerve pain
  • Cardiac and vascular disorders, including heart attacks and strokes
  • Orthopedic injuries, including injuries to joints such as torn rotator cuffs
  • Neurological disorders
  • Mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety and PTSD

I can handle your Social Security Disability claim from the very beginning. If you are thinking about filing for SSD benefits, I encourage you to talk with me. If you decide to file, we can do it together from my office. I can help guide you through the questions you will have to answer in the process of filing your claim.

While the Social Security Administration controls how soon you will receive your benefits, completing all forms and submitting complete information might result in getting an earlier approval. This is especially important because it can take a long time – as much as two years from the day you apply – to get a hearing.

When your hearing date comes, I will be there to represent you. You can trust that you will get the legal help you need from a Dare County disability attorney who knows you and who has the experience necessary to obtain the best possible results.

I also handle any disability appeals, as necessary when a claim has been denied, even if we have to file suit in Federal Court.

You Do Not Need Money To Hire An SSD Attorney

In matters of Social Security Disability claims, attorney’s fees are controlled by statute. I charge a limited, flat fee from the back benefits you recover. If you do not receive benefits, you owe no attorney fees.

My flat fee is the same whether you hire me the minute you need legal help or wait until things have gotten out of control. That is why it is best to contact me right away. By starting work on your SSD case as soon as possible, I am able to guide you through the process and help ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. Send me an email or call me at 252-489-2200 today.