4 severe personal injuries associated with trucking accidents

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Commercial trucks typically weigh over 30,000 pounds, and that does not include the weight of any freight it carries. Seeing as how a passenger vehicle is just around 4,000 pounds, a collision between the two vehicles has the potential to be devastating.

Driver error is a leading cause of trucking accidents, and for the unfortunate driver or passengers in the other vehicle, horrific injuries and death are common.

1. Back and neck injuries

Even the slightest collision could lead to whiplash, a condition where the head and neck suddenly and forcefully snap forward. The symptoms may not appear for several days or even hours after the accident.

2. Burns

Commercial trucks carry an increased risk of burn injuries from a ruptured fuel tank or the freight igniting. There is a higher risk when the truck is carrying hazardous or combustible materials.

3. Brain and head injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most severe injuries brought on by a trucking accident. Any head injury could require surgery or rehabilitation and create lifelong disabilities.

4. Spinal cord injuries

The impact of a truck with a smaller vehicle at the high speeds of highway travel magnifies the amount of damage that occurs.  Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis to the torso or lower body that can either be temporary or lifelong. Spinal injuries can easily lead to permanent disability even after months or years of treatment and therapy.

When traveling down the highway at high rates of speed, out-of-control trucks or driver errors have the potential to damage more than one vehicle. It is the size and speed of trucks that also increase the severity of the injuries sustained.

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