Most common construction worker injuries

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Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places. Workers navigate unstable structures and exposed wires, all while trying to get large projects done. No matter how much workers take precautions, accidents are still unfortunately bound to happen.

Injuries on construction sites may be life-threatening and life-changing for many people. Contacting an attorney to get the damages you deserve if you suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence may help you live life with less stress.


Falls are one of the most common injuries on construction sites. Many times, workers stand on scaffolding that is weak or on equipment that is unsteady. Workers should always wear fall protection, like harnesses and ropes, to minimize their injuries. Injuries from falls include broken bones, hip fractures, and head injuries.


Electrocution injuries occur on construction sites when workers come into contact with exposed wire or faulty equipment. It is hard to avoid electrocution when utilizing equipment and navigating power lines is a part of daily life. Workers should always wear protective, insulated equipment and rubber-soled shoes.

Struck by objects

Workers are commonly struck by equipment, building material, collapsed structures and tools. This occurs while they navigate the site or as they build new structures. To avoid serious head injuries, workers should always wear helmets and goggles.

Sometimes injuries are unavoidable. Protective gear often is not enough to protect you from the negligence of others. If you or your loved one can no longer work due to an injury on a construction site, consider contacting an experienced personal injury attorney.

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