3 defensive driving habits to practice

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Motor vehicle accidents can be terrifying and catastrophic. They can cause major physical and financial damage.

The top causes of motor vehicle accidents in North Carolina include speeding and distracted driving. Practicing habits to be a defensive driver can help lessen your chances of becoming injured in an accident.

1. Plan ahead

Plan your route before leaving. If you are unfamiliar with where you are going, program directions into your device. Estimate your travel time and allow more than enough time to reach your destination so that you are not tempted to speed.

2. Allow space

Leaving space between your vehicle and the one ahead of you allows you time and room to brake to try to avoid a collision with the car ahead of you if it stops suddenly. Allowing this space ahead also gives you a larger field of vision to see what is on the road ahead. You may see stopped traffic or an obstacle in the road much sooner than if you rely on reacting to the car in front of you.

3. Limit distractions

Your attention should always be on the road when driving. Texting, eating, playing with the radio or looking at a map can all pull your focus away from the task of driving. Put your phone out of reach, eat snacks while parked and use your passengers to help with controlling the radio or to read directions. If you do not have passengers, leave the radio alone and use a device that speaks directions out loud.

Recovery from a motor vehicle accident can take a long time. You may miss work and have financial difficulty due to both the lost wages and the mounting medical bills. There is no way to predict a motor vehicle accident, but taking proactive steps to be a defensive driver can increase your chances of being aware and safe on the roads.

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