5 steps to take if you sustain an injury while at Southern Shores

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You may get hurt while traveling to Southern Shores area to see family members, visit friends or enjoy a vacation. Safety should always be one of your main priorities while traveling. A simple vacation may leave you with severe injuries and significant medical bills.

Common causes of travel injuries include slipping and falling, car accidents and violence. Here are some actions to take if you suffer a debilitating injury during your visit to Southern Shores.

1. Inform someone about the accident

If you are in a motor vehicle collision, contact the police and do not leave the scene. If you get hurt in a hotel, store, restaurant or another establishment, notify a manager. Reporting an incident is a crucial first step after an injury.

2. Document the situation

Take pictures of the scene with your phone if you are capable. This includes your surroundings, injuries and anything that contributed to your accident, such as a slippery floor. Photographs are important pieces of evidence if you file any type of claim for your injury.

3. Get medical attention

Always see a medical provider after you sustain an injury. If the situation is serious, you may need to go to the emergency room of a local hospital. A prompt diagnosis and treatment will help you recover more quickly and provide crucial evidence for a Social Security Disability Insurance claim.

4. Gather contact information

Request the names, phone numbers and mailing addresses for any witnesses or others involved in your incident. If you go to an emergency room or see a doctor other than your primary provider, collect the contact details.

5. Prepare for an SSDI application

If your injury makes you unable to work, you may be eligible for Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration will need extensive evidence of your injury, work history and medical history. Start gathering proof of your disability to include in your SSDI application.

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