Do you really need an attorney for your SSDI case?

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Social Security Disability benefits can be lifesaving if you are no longer able to work due to a disability. However, applying for and receiving SSDI benefits is not always an easy process.

Technically, you do not need to have an attorney to apply for SSDI, but there are many reasons it makes sense to have one.

1. Applying for SSDI takes work

Applying for SSDI requires filling out an application and gathering evidence, such as medical records. These may seem like straightforward tasks, but for people with disabilities, everyday tasks can be challenging. An attorney can help you get the paperwork together, saving you time and stress.

2. Mistakes can cost you

Insufficient evidence or omissions in your paperwork can cost you your benefits.  An attorney can check your application for accuracy and make sure you have all the necessary documents to improve your chances of receiving benefits.

3. You might need to appeal

Working with an attorney can drastically improve your chances of winning your case. However, if the SSA rejects your claim, you can appeal. To win your appeal, you must make a strong case, so it helps to have an attorney on your side.

4. You can afford an attorney

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not seeking legal help because you think you cannot afford it. Federal law limits your attorney’s fees to 25% of your past-due benefits or a set dollar amount, whichever is lower. Typically, you only pay fees if your case is successful, so financial concerns should never stop you from hiring an attorney for your SSDI case.

When your disability prevents you from working, SSDI benefits can help you continue living your life. An attorney can help you navigate the process of applying for benefits.

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