What qualifies you for Social Security Disability benefits?

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When navigating an injury or serious illness, your financial situation may add to the stress. Filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits may help you get the money you need to continue forward.

Before proceeding, it may help to understand some of the situations and conditions that may qualify you for benefits. Discover more about how SSDI works to see if you are eligible to apply.

Employment situation

The first prong that determines whether you may file for benefits is your employment history. Namely, you should have paid into Social Security throughout your career. The length of time you worked determines whether you have accrued enough credits to earn benefits. The longer your work history, the more likely you have enough credits to receive benefits.

Disability status

Under the parameters set out by Social Security, disability status determines your eligibility. Your medical records should support the following:

  • Your injury or illness prevents you from doing the work you previously did
  • Your condition makes it difficult to perform any other kind of work
  • Your diminished state will continue for at least one year or prove fatal

Temporary conditions do not qualify for benefits.

Injury or illness

The type of injury or illness is critical to benefit qualification. Examples include trauma injuries to the spine, head and neck that alter the way your body functions. Cancer and ALS are two of the diseases that qualify you for benefits. Mental health conditions that degrade your quality of life may deem you eligible to collect from Social Security.

Filing a claim for disability benefits may take time and patience. However, the payoff at the end makes the process worthwhile.

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