3 tips for pedestrian safety

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Whether they occur while crossing the street, jogging alongside traffic or walking through a parking lot, pedestrian collisions can result in devastating injuries. While traffic safety falls on the shoulders of both the drivers and the pedestrians, there are common suggestions individuals can follow to remain safe while walking.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has reported that 231 pedestrians were struck and killed throughout the state in 2019. The NCDOT has made pedestrian safety a priority and encourages people to remember three important safety tips:

  1. Be visible: Pedestrians should wear brightly colored or reflective clothing when walking or jogging near traffic. Other tips include carrying a flashlight or attaching a light to your backpack or belt.
  2. Stay alert: It is wise to avoid distractions whenever possible. This can include holding off on phone calls, not eating while walking or turning music down low enough so you can hear approaching vehicles. It is not uncommon for pedestrians to attempt to pass the time by multitasking, but any activity that pulls attention from your surroundings can lead to a serious accident.
  3. Don’t assume drivers can see you: While at an intersection – whether there are traffic signals or a painted crosswalk – don’t assume you are visible to the drivers on the road. Make sure to look thoroughly and establish eye contact with a driver before crossing an intersection. Additionally, don’t assume that drivers around you will always follow the rules of the road.

When a motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian, the resulting injuries can be severe. From broken bones and head trauma to spinal cord damage and crush injuries, pedestrians will likely suffer catastrophic harm. By staying alert, you can avoid numerous accidents, but if you are injured, it is wise to seek legal guidance regarding your rights.

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