How to appeal an SSD denial

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If you are seeking Social Security Disability benefits, you are probably already well aware that this can be a complicated and difficult process. Although your claim may seem rather straightforward and without a doubt deserving of benefits, the Social Security Administration, SSA, denies a large majority of claims on the first application.

However, what is important to note about that phrase is the fact that it mentions on the “first” application. This implies that many people appeal their denials and can be successful on a second try. Although the process can be challenging, there is a way you can increase your chances of success.

Many first-time applications get denials

The Social Security Administration denies the majority of first-time applications. Data shows that an average of 70 percent of applications get denials the first time around. In the ten-year period from 2001 to 2010, the SSA approved an average of only 28 percent of applications. These figures demonstrate how critical the initial application stage is. If the SSA has already denied your application, you should not give up hope of getting an approval; there is an appeals process that you can access.

The SSA approves even fewer applicants on appeal

While the SSA does allow applicants for Social Security Disability to file an SSD appeal if they receive a denied claim, the figures are disheartening. Only between three and 13 percent of applications on average receive an approval at the appeals level. Although this may seem quite discouraging, there is a way to get assistance and increase your chances of success. When you work with a disability attorney, you get help with your application that the average person does not have. Your advantage is having the professional experience of a skilled attorney who works with these applications and knows how to give you the best possible chance of an approval.

The bottom line is that applying for Social Security Disability benefits is not easy. You can improve your chances for a successful outcome when you work with a disability attorney. An attorney who works with these applications knows the pitfalls that the average applicant must avoid and can ensure your application is completed correctly, giving you a benefit over an average applicant who does not know all the rules about these claims.

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