Compensation for construction workers, roofers, laborers

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What do construction workers, roofers and laborers have in common? Quite a lot. Not only do many of their duties overlap, but they also face a high level of physical risk on the job.

Because of this, many workers in this field will need to know as much as possible about the workers’ compensation available to them.

The basics of workers’ compensation

Forbes goes into detail examining how workers’ compensation insurance actually works. In essence, workers’ compensation pays benefits to employees who end up ill or injured due to their job. It can cover treatment for the short-term, ongoing care, death benefits and payments to cover lost wages due to the time a worker may need to take away from the job.

If the employer or insurance company confirms that the illness or injury that a worker suffers from did get caused by the work, then compensation gets paid to the employee. In the event that the insurer or employer rejects a claim, it will go to the court where a workers’ compensation judge will rule on the matter.

Situations that are not covered

Typically, there are several matters which no form of workers’ compensation covers. This includes intoxication or substance abuse, injuries that happen during a commute to or from work, and fights that break out at the workplace between employees. Exceptions may exist if the fight was about work.

Each state has its own workers’ compensation program. To that end, it is important to understand the details specific to North Carolina in order to get the maximum possible benefit.

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