Can you sue a third party for an injury that occurs at work?

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Injuries take place as a result of any number of actions or failures to act. Though you incurred an injury at work, in some instances a third party could bear the responsibility for the damage caused.

In certain cases, your employer may contract with other companies to complete work for them. Here are examples of third parties who could be accountable for injuries related to their contributions.

Cleaning companies

Chances are that you work in a building that hires out for cleaning services. If you become injured due to wet floors without proper signage, you could try to seek compensation from the cleaning company, rather than your employer, for damages.

Subcontractors at constructions sites

Construction sites are typically very loud and busy places with a lot going on. Though you could sustain an injury at your job site, it is possible that a separate entity is responsible for the damages. This could come into play if an agent of the other party inadvertently strikes you with a cinderblock or if you trip on that party’s equipment.

Other drivers on the road

While driving to a sales meeting for work, you could find yourself seriously injured in a car accident. In certain instances, it is possible to recover damages from the other driver for the wounds you incurred.

Just because you sustained an injury does not necessarily mean you cannot file a lawsuit for damages. While you likely cannot sue your employer, you may have a case against a third party if it contributed to the incident.

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