What to do if you were injured at a business under construction

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You do not need to be a builder to suffer trauma at a construction site. Many public places undergo renovations every day, putting their customers at risk. An unfinished place of business poses risks like falling debris, slick floors or structure collapse.

Protect your interests if you get hurt while visiting a business under construction.

Do not refuse medical care

Getting injured in a public place can be embarrassing. Some victims want the experience to be over quickly, leading them to refuse treatment at the scene. Regardless of the severity of your injury, get examined by a healthcare professional. Keep the paperwork from all interactions you have with medical personnel.

Do not sign anything

If a business representative asks you to sign something, say no. Your signature could release the company of any legal responsibility for your suffering. Furthermore, do not engage in any attempted conversations with their insurance company. Any such communications should go through your legal team.

Document the incident

Write an honest account of everything that happened leading up to the accident. Take photos of the entire location. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, a place of business must display hazard signs for workers and the general public. Take pictures of all signage, and take note if none are visible. If there were witnesses, ask them for their contact information.

It is the responsibility of the business, the property owner and the building company to maintain a safe location for workers and guests. If a construction mishap caused your injury, you deserve compensation.

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