Creating a journal for your work-related injury

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Wearing protective gear and taking other safety precautions minimizes your chances of suffering a work-related injury. Still, because there are more than 12,000 workplace injuries every single day, you may not be able to avoid one forever. If you injure yourself in an accident at work, effective medical care may help you recover completely.

Talking to your doctor about a workplace injury can be challenging. To ensure you do not forget to bring up critical details, you may want to create an injury journal. When writing yours, be sure to include all relevant information about your injury and recovery process.


Work-related injuries can be extremely painful. To treat you effectively, your doctor needs to know when and where your pain occurs. In your journal, you can use a 10-point scale to describe your pain level. You can also record how your activities affect your discomfort.


While your workplace injury may render you incapable of doing your job, it may also take a tremendous toll on your overall lifestyle. If you have physical or other limitations because of your work-related injury, you should write them down in your journal. Doing so allows your doctor to refer you to specialists who may be able to help.


If your doctor prescribes medication, you should carefully monitor yourself for possible side effects. Using your journal to record how you feel after taking medication is a good idea. If you do not tolerate prescribed medication, your doctor may use your documentation to alter your treatment plan.


Your body may go through many changes during your recovery process. Some changes, though, may set you back considerably. Accordingly, you should always log new or worsening your symptoms in your injury journal.

While your workers’ compensation benefits may help you make ends meet, you want to recover completely from your workplace injury. Using a comprehensive journal to give your doctor as much information as possible about your injury may help you achieve your recovery goals.

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