Does a wrist injury qualify you for workers compensation

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Perhaps you work for a construction company. However, you spend your days not in the field, but rather on a computer.

You never thought that you would have an injury as an office worker, but now you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Can you file a claim for workers’ compensation?

Carpal tunnel basics

As a construction company employee, the injuries that occur to roofers, carpenters and other construction workers are not new to you. However, carpal tunnel syndrome is a new experience and not a condition to take lightly. The carpel tunnel is a complex structure in the hand and wrist that controls the thumb and fingers. It consists of bones, tendons and nerves cushioned by tissue that can become swollen and inflamed, making common tasks such as typing or even lifting a glass of water painful. The problem is that small thumb muscles become weaker over time, so certain basic tasks become almost impossible to execute.

Workers’ compensation eligibility

You may never have experienced a work-related injury and feel that workers’ compensation benefits are only afforded to people with serious injuries, such as broken bones or brain damage. It may surprise you to know that the number one cause of workplace injury is overexertion, of which carpal tunnel syndrome is an example. Repetitive motion is the culprit here, and your painful wrist injury makes you eligible to submit a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Seeking help

You can recover from carpal tunnel syndrome, but you may need physical therapy and time off from work. Keep in mind that the insurance company to whom you submit your application may not agree with your claim. The company may deny benefits, saying that your injury is not work-related. This is the time to rely on the help of a certified specialist experienced with workers’ compensation claims to negotiate successfully on your behalf and obtain the benefits you deserve.

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