Is my job protected if I file for workers’ compensation?

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If you suffered an injury on the job, there are likely lots of questions you still have unanswered. In addition to recovering from your injury, you may have to deal with other important issues such as medical bills and possible missed time off work. Perhaps the most important question of all is: What happens now to your job?

Many people who sustain an injury at work fear that if they file a workers’ compensation claim, they will lose their job. The truth is that your employer cannot fire you for filing a legitimate claim for workers’ compensation in the state of North Carolina. 

Workers’ compensation and employer retaliation

Employer retaliation refers to any action your employer takes to retaliate against you, or punish you, for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Federal and state laws protect you from this type of retaliation. Therefore, you should not avoid filing your workers’ compensation claim out of fear that you will lose your job. Workers’ compensation benefits are in place to assist you as you recover from your injury. An important benefit includes coverage of your medical bills and treatment so you can recover your physical health and return to work.

Legal costs associated with filing a claim

Another reason many people avoid moving forward with a workers’ compensation claim is that they feel overwhelmed by the process and need assistance but do not have money to pay for an attorney to help them. However, many attorneys do not charge their clients a fee upfront but rather take their workers’ compensation attorney fees from a set percentage of the compensation you recover. That means you can start right away and you do not need to worry about how you will finance your claim.

Since your job is protected if you file for workers’ compensation, there is no reason to fear getting fired if you file a claim. Consulting with a qualified workers’ compensation attorney for your on-the-job injury case is a smart move for several reasons. You will have a legal professional to guide you throughout the process and ensure you submit and complete all the necessary steps and paperwork. In addition, you can focus on your recovery rather than the difficult bureaucracy of the claim itself. 

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