After you suffer a work injury: 3 tips

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Few things are worse than having your health and livelihood threatened by an injury on the job. Whether you have slipped on a wet surface, been hurt by a machine or suffered strain from repetitive movement, you should receive the medical care you need. Workers’ compensation claims can play an important role in connection to such care.

There are many concerns you may have when dealing with the aftermath of a workplace injury. This includes concerns over whether you will be able to get back to work soon and how the workers’ comp claim process will go. There are steps you can take to try to minimize your time away and try to make sure important legal issues are properly addressed after a workplace injury.

1. Listen to doctor’s orders

According to US News, ignoring a doctor’s orders can potentially delay your recovery substantially. Following the treatment prescribed by your health care provider can also be essential to supporting your workers’ comp claim. If you sustain an injury and seek compensation but do not adhere to the care recommended by a doctor, it may be far more likely that the insurance company will deny your claim.

2. Enlist legal assistance

Claiming an injury and filing for workers’ comp is a legal process. As such, it makes sense to enlist help from a legal representative who can provide valuable advice and guidance throughout your claim. Your employer and its insurer may not always have your best interests at heart, but with an attorney on your side, you may be able to navigate workers’ comp as efficiently and effectively as possible.

3. Report your injury immediately

You need to seek medical treatment as soon as the injury occurs. You also generally need to notify your employer of your injury in order to get that care and begin the process of filing for workers’ compensation. Waiting to document your injury could cause a delay and make it more difficult for you to support your claim.

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