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Hospital nurses: the dedicated workforce surviving on fatigue

There is no question. When you get home from your shift at the hospital, you are absolutely exhausted, but satisfied. You helped your patients work through their medical problems and hope that you have helped them on the road to recovery.

Workers' Compensation, anxiety and stress in North Carolina

A lot of jobs cause anxiety and stress for employees -- but there are times that anxiety and stress can become debilitating, especially if it starts to manifest itself in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or some other form of serious mental disorder.

Employee misclassification deprives injured workers of benefits

Employers will sometimes hire short-term employees and misclassify them as "independent contractors" rather than actual employees. That lets the employer avoid dealing with the inconveniences (and costs) of paying unemployment and other taxes on those workers. It also neatly avoids having to add the employees to the company's workers' compensation policy and risk a hike in premiums.

Do you need an attorney for a mesothelioma claim?

U.S. Navy veterans have joined the list of people who stand a tragically high likelihood of being diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease. Other victims include those who worked in asbestos manufacturing factories, and factories that produced building materials made from asbestos.

Committed representation when your work comp claim is unjustly denied

When the unimaginable happens during an otherwise normal shift and a worker finds himself or herself being taken to an area hospital to be treated for a serious work-related injury, a host of questions will undoubtedly go through their mind: How will I make ends meet if I can't go back to work? Who's going to pay for my medical expenses?

What are my rights relating to lost wages and sick travel?

In the aftermath of a sudden and nightmarish workplace accident, an injured worker's thoughts are invariably -- and understandably -- focused on securing the necessary medical care. However, as the days or weeks start to pass, and the road to recovery becomes clearer, their thoughts will likely start to shift to financial matters, wondering how they will be able to cover basic necessities when they aren't receiving a paycheck and spending considerable sums traveling to doctor's appointments.

Who is required to carry work comp insurance in North Carolina? - II

Last time, our blog started discussing how some workers may be understandably unsettled by the notion of suffering a work injury owing to their underlying uncertainty as to whether their employer carries workers' compensation insurance.

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