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After you suffer a work injury: 3 tips

Few things are worse than having your health and livelihood threatened by an injury on the job. Whether you have slipped on a wet surface, been hurt by a machine or suffered strain from repetitive movement, you should receive the medical care you need. Workers' compensation claims can play an important role in connection to such care.

Can you work part-time and still get SSD benefits?

If you have a disability that has prevented you from making a living, you may be receiving Social Security Disability benefits to get by. As time passes, however, your condition may change, or you may have a desire to re-enter the workforce, at least to some degree. You may also have questions about whether returning to work will hinder your ability to continue to receive SSD benefits, and this tends to vary based on several factors.

Workers' compensation fraud is largely a myth

When people defraud the workers' compensation system, it tends to make headlines. Take a recent example of a man from Raleigh who defrauded insurance companies out of nearly $150,000 for false workers' comp claims. There are numerous stories similar to this one to the point where one would expect fraud to run rampant. This myth allows employers to be skeptical of any employee who files a claim, believing the worker is exaggerating the injuries. However, fraud occurs extremely seldom. 

What types of expenses can workers’ compensation benefits cover?

If you suffer an injury on the job that prevents you from earning your typical income, you may be wondering whether you can pursue workers’ compensation benefits through your employer. If you, for example, fall off a ladder, ingest a toxic substance or throw your back out moving heavy machinery, you may have valid concerns about how you will pay for medical care or provide for your family in the aftermath.

3 tips for maximizing your workers' compensation claim

A workplace injury may result in costly medical bills and time away from work. Without compensation, it may be difficult for you to make ends meet. Unfortunately, insurance companies generally try to minimize the amount you get for your work injury as much as possible. Additionally, you could make some simple mistakes that may cause you to get fewer benefits than you deserve.

Can my employer fire me for filing a workers’ comp claim?

If you currently have a workplace injury or are simply looking for information, you might have some concerns about worker’ compensation benefits in the Southern Shores area. You might be wondering if your employer can fire you for filing a claim. Your employer can let you go for any reason when you work in an at-will state. However, when it to comes to workers’ compensation, it is unlawful for any employer to terminate workers for filing for workers' compensation benefits

Do you feel like your doctor is not listening to you?

When people are pursuing workers' compensation cases in North Carolina, they must see a doctor, often at least a few times. It would be nice to be able to go with the doctor of your choosing for continuing treatment, but in North Carolina, you must see providers approved by your insurance company.

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